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We started farming at Vicarage Farm in February 2000 having moved down from Norfolk.  We started farming approximately 62 acres, mostly sheep and rented out the rest of the farm.  By 2002, we started renting land from other people and we now farm 150 acres. In 2007 we currently keep 60 head of cattle, 120 ewes, varying numbers of pigs and 1000 head of poultry.  We are at present developing the poultry side of the business.

We have stocked Vicarage Farm well: For prime beef, Aberdeen Angus; for sheep, mainly Suffolk, but other more unusual breeds too - badger faced Welsh mountain, Hebridean and rare Castlemilk Moorit, some for their fine wools, some for their firm, well-flavoured meat. We like the old healthy, vigorous breeds. 

So we keep traditional breeds of pigs for succulent pork, Marans and Khaki Campbell ducks for astonishing eggs and at Christmas and Easter they produce Broad Breasted White turkeys, for which place your orders by 1st Dec.

We are not registered organic.  This does not mean that we use steroids, antibiotics or compound fertilisers.   What does organic really mean?  We farm using traditional methods.  We use farmyard manure as fertiliser, careful field rotation and regular chain harrowing of grazing land.  Medicines are only used when required, rather than on a herd/flock basis.

We have elected to keep out of the single farm payment system.  We feel that Government interference is hindering farming and conservation, we would all be better off without subsidies. 

We are proud of our animals, which we tend carefully and well.  We sell from the farm as well as from several local markets, where we have quickly found regular customers.

Should you come to Vicarage Farm, we, Kim and Gillian will be pleased for you to look around.  As Gill says, "We believe that happy, healthy animals taste better!"